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The icons are divided in to sub-categories which you can view below. Textless icons may be considered as bases, but please credit me for the base. If you would like to take an icon for your own use, please leave a comment telling me which one you're taking and where you plan to use it. You can credit me by linking this site or by using my LJ username ungratefulwench.


Chalet School

Keanu Reeves


Ryan Reynolds

Trent Reznor


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biggrin blank blush bored broken-heart confused cool cute dead down evil film floppy frown glasses grin grr grumpy headphones heart laidback left lightbulb mad ouch right sad secret shock smile stress tongue tv up upsidedown vodka wink yawn yell yuck yummy 

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Many of the works on this site use material created/owned by other people. This is just a fansite and no infringment is meant.