L. J. Smith

Alcohol leads to the most interesting conversations, especially when the people involved are a lamia and a psychic vampire.
Inspiration: Lee and her dirty, dirty mind

Back to the Start
Sequel to 'In My Place'. Song-Fic.
Inspiration: Back to the Start by Coldplay
Posted: Fanfiction.net

In My Place
A year later, Mary-Lynnette Carter reflects on her relationship with Ash Redfern. Song-Fic.
Inspiration: In My Place by Coldplay
Archived: Twilight Tales

After the death of her soulmate, Amaris Buckley meets the Old Soul, Hugh Davis, and finds that she shares an unexpected connection with him.
Inspiration: Plot Bunny from The Bunny Enclave
Archived: Twilight Tales

The Envoy
Kestrel Redfern is dispatched to have a heart-to-heart with an upstart made-vampire who is making waves in the world of the undead. Crossover.
Inspiration: Crossover category at Bloody Quills
Archived: Twilight Tales

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