Jean-Paul Beaubier reaches a decision. Slash ficlet.
Inspiration: Dream Brother by Jeff Buckley
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Impulsive Actions
Jean-Paul Beaubier and Robert Drake spend some quiet time together. Attempted humour fic.
Inspiration: Pointy ears and inherent fangirliness =)
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Laundry Day
Forced to do his laundry after running out of clean clothes, Bobby has a close encounter with a unusually forward Jean-Paul.
Inspiration: This wonderful piece of fan-art by nepenth
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Make A Killing
Jubilee comes up with a novel way of making some money.
Inspiration: A challenge at x_men100
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Bobby doesn't like to think about things too deeply, but Jean-Paul forces him to with interesting results. Slash ficlet.
Inspiration: The infamous otter-pop comment from Uncanny X-Men.
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Reflections & Revelations
A few too many drinks leads to an interesting meeting between Robert Drake and Jean-Paul Beaubier. Slash.
Inspiration: Uncanny X-Men # 425
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A rumour spreads through the Xavier Institute, impacting the fragile relationship between Jean-Paul and Bobby. Slash.
Inspiration: Who can tell? I suspect sleep deprivation had something to do with it!
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Robert Drake is constantly surprised by life. Slash ficlet.
Inspiration: A suggestion by Rissa
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Welcome to the Xavier Institute
Havok is pleasantly surprised when he finds himself in the hands of a new student at the Institute. Slashy porn.
Inspiration: Gift for Tara
Archived: Reign of Havok

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