Welcome to Delusions of Elegance, the fan-fic and icon archive of Lorraine (InsanitySandwich.com).

Like many sites out there, Delusions of Elegance houses those little 100x100 squares used mainly on Livejournal, and fiction based on the works of others. Although the icons and fan-fic are my own work, they all steal gratuitously from the work of others... Ah well!

The current layout uses a beautiful image of Death by David Mack, which was taken from DavidMackGuide.com.

Most Recent Icons (25 January, 2011)

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Harry and Draco wrestle with the aftermath of the sectumsempra spell. Slashy porn.
Inspiration: A request at hp_loveletters
Posted: hp_loveletters

Laundry Day
Forced to do his laundry after running out of clean clothes, Bobby has a close encounter with a unusually forward Jean-Paul.
Inspiration: This wonderful piece of fan-art by nepenth
Posted: speedsicle

Many of the works on this site use material created/owned by other people. This is just a fansite and no infringment is meant.